October 1, 2013

NAT launches My Care My Voice

HIV_NewsToday (30 September 2013) NAT launches a new resource to empower people living with HIV to get the most from their health and social care services. The resource, My Care My Voice*, can be found on NAT’s website www.lifewithhiv.org.uk.

It can be easily accessed on the internet, smart phones or printed out, explains the new NHS arrangements in an accessible way and sets out the rights and entitlements people living with HIV have when using NHS and social care services. This includes an explanation of current clinical standards for HIV services, so that patients know what to expect and can be confident speaking up to their care team if they aren’t happy.

The new approach to health and social care services in England includes new and increased opportunities for people living with HIV to influence decisions and shape services in their local areas.  But the new system is complex and not yet well understood.  My Care My Voice shows people living with HIV how to navigate the new structures, to understand the services and support that they have a right to expect and have their voice heard.

Miriam, who was on NAT’s advisory group for the project, said: "The resource is terrific. It would have been extremely useful and reassuring to have this available when I was first diagnosed.”

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT, says: “The past few months has been a time of great change in health and social care services which has created anxiety for many people living with HIV.  My Care My Voice explains the opportunities created by these changes and arms people living with HIV with the knowledge they need to get the most from their care.”

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