September 11, 2013

PhRMA Honors Vaccines Pioneers with Research & Hope Awards

HIV_NewsWASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) announced today the recipients of the 2013 Research & Hope Awards, honoring outstanding achievements in vaccines research and immunization by individuals and research teams in the biopharmaceutical sector, academic/public research and health care provider communities.

“Over the last century, vaccines have transformed the public health landscape in the United States and around the world, preventing disease and improving the quality of life for multiple generations,” said PhRMA President and CEO John J. Castellani. “PhRMA is proud to honor the recipients of this year’s Research & Hope Awards. These inspiring collaborators within the biopharmaceutical ecosystem have helped drive the latest advances in vaccines and immunization to the benefit of patients everywhere.”

Vaccines are one of the most profound achievements of biomedical science and public health, resulting in the eradication of smallpox, near elimination of polio, rubella and measles, and the prevention of diseases like hepatitis A and B, pneumonia and some cancers caused by viruses. Innovative vaccines and immunization practices have protected countless children and families from needless illness. Building on this illustrious history, advances in scientific areas such as genomics are enabling researchers to develop not only new preventative vaccines, but also therapeutic vaccines for many types of cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and autoimmune disorders.

“Vaccines have made a profound impact on public health and have played a pivotal role in improving patient longevity in the U.S. and abroad,” said Bob Hugin, PhRMA Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Celgene Corp. “The incredible value that medicines and vaccines provide to society as a whole is truly astounding and would be impossible without the collaborative nature of the medical innovation ecosystem. The recipients of the 2013 Research & Hope Awards should be very proud of their achievements and the remarkable progress that is yet to come.” 

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