August 26, 2013

Tanzania: Reduction of Mother-to-Child Transmissions Bears Fruit

blogger_HIVArusha — IT is still a killer disease, but for some reason HIV/ Aids seems to be a forgotten case now; because there have been fewer discussions about it of late, compared with the situation in the recent past.

Maybe because efforts to contain the infections, especially 'mother to child' transmissions, have been bearing fruit to the extent that the disease no longer sounds to be a threat that even used to drive victims into committing suicide.

Behind the paediatric HIV Prevention mission, comes the Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) which has just observed its 10th anniversary in the battle against HIV in Tanzania.

EGPAF's country director, Dr Jeroen Van't Pad Bosch was in Arusha over the weekend to mark the occasion here and used the opportunity to reveal that the foundation has been assisting 1,400 clinics in Tanzania, where over 2 million expectant women were provided with free counselling and testing for HIV.

"Also more than 75,000 pregnant women who were discovered to be infected have been put under special 'prevention of mother to child transmission' (PMTCT) treatment programme in which they are supplied with antiretroviral drugs for their own wellbeing, as well as medication that restrain the virus from being passed into the foetus," he stated.

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