August 15, 2013

South Australian HIV Services Guide

blogger_HIVFollowing the closure of The AIDS Council of South Australia (ACSA), AFAO, with assistance from the STI & BBV Section, SA Health, has compiled this brief guide to HIV-related services currently available in South Australia.

The document outlines services including the PEP hotline, HIV and STI testing services, care and support services for people with HIV, HIV respite care services, advocacy services and clinical services. 

The guide also lists contact details for the Sex Industry Network (SIN) program, the Clean Needle Program and SAVIVE's peer support for people who inject drugs. From now until the end of the financial year, Relationships Australia (SA) Inc. (RASA) will auspice the provision of support services for gay men. Further information about the continuation of the Gay Men's Health, SIN and Clean Needle Programs, formerly based at ACSA, will be provided as soon as new arrangements are in place.

Download South Australian HIV Services Guide
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