August 7, 2013

Patients of illegal Burnaby dentist warned of potential exposure to Hep B, Hep C, HIV

blogger_HCVFormer patients of a man who was practising dentistry illegally are being warned about the potential exposure to serious viruses.

Burnaby resident Tung Sheng Wu, also known as David Wu, was practising dentistry without a licence, and was not properly cleaning or sterilizing his instruments.

Anyone who was treated by him is urged to get tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Testing is completed by a blood test.

Everyone who has received treatment is asked to call a public health nurse through Fraser Health’s toll-free hotline at 1-855-895-7425.

“Because Mr. Wu was not a licensed dentist and because he was not following the infection control procedures expected of a licensed dentist, we believe there is sufficient risk of exposure to blood borne viruses to recommend testing for all clients,” said Dr. Michelle Murti, Medical Health Officer, Fraser Health Authority.

Where client records are available, letters are being sent to alert clients of the potential exposure.

Wu allegedly relied on word-of-mouth referrals for patients, specifically within the Chinese-Canadian community.

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) were alerted about Wu’s practice when a woman, who said she was a patient of his, complained about the treatment she received from him. The College then determined he was not a registered dentist and hired a private investigator to conduct surveillance at a home on Southwood Street in Burnaby.

They then sought a court order to enter the home and gather evidence to obtain an injunction to stop his practice and to confiscate any dental equipment and supplies.


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