August 21, 2013

New piercing and tattoo guidelines to help drive up industry standards

blogger_HCVNew good practice guidelines are being brought to the attention of all tattooists and body piecers in South Holland.

Health risks such as the risk of transmission of blood-borne viruses like hepatitis B, C and HIV can arise from improper practice, as well as localised and serious infections.

Not only does this have the potential to affect health and cause painful suffering, this can also lead to scarring and disfigurement.

Whilst businesses and operatives carrying out such activities are require to be registered, there are no formal requirements for qualifications and training of practitioners carrying out tattooing and body piercing procedures.

It is hoped these guidelines will also serve to raise standards and increase awareness.

The guidance was developed by experienced individuals working in the tattoo and body piercing industry as expert advisors, practitioners or regulators, and has been endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Public Health England, Health and Safety Laboratory and Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union.

South Holland District Council is the regulatory body for the practices of tattooing and body piercing in the district.

The guidance is available online from the CIEH website at

For anyone considering having a tattoo or piercing the council is advising consumers to always use a registered business and practitioner.

All registered businesses and operatives will receive a certificate of registration and this should be available for inspection.

If members of the public have any concerns about unregistered businesses, or standards in existing registered operators, please contact the Food, Health and Safety Team on 01775 761161 or

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